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  • Welcome to
    Jesus: His Life and Ministry

    Come explore with us the life of Christ and allow the study to transform your life.

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    Survey of the New Testament

    For centuries the Bible has commanded the best efforts of its students. It is our privilege to join the legions of these Bible scholars as we begin a systemic study of the New Testament, literature which relates the story of Christ and His apostles. If we apply our minds and hearts to the work, we will reap eternal benefit in gaining an understanding of Gods past and present working. Each book in the New Testament, without exception, testifies to Jesus Christ. Thus, we want our study to result in a fuller personal acquaintance with the risen Lord. Like Paul, we want to know Him (Phil. 3:10). To the degree that we know Him better we will be personally enriched, and our lives should make a greater impact for God daily.

  • Welcome to Old Testament Survey

    The Old Testament Survey course guides learners toward an understanding of the message of God to us from the Old Testament*. This course asks the question: what does God desire to teach a New Testament believer from the pages of the Old Testament?

  • A repository for the Global Glossary.

  • Welcome to Spiritual Formation

    This course is an inductive study of essential Biblical truths for developing and maintaining a relationship with God and thinking rightly about His character. Students will not only investigate these truths, but also consider an appropriate Christian response, including: presentation of one’s self to God; walking by the Spirit; dealing with guilt, trials, anger, fear; discerning God’s will; and the subject of prayer.

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    Welcome to Romans

    Romans is one of the most doctrinally foundational book of the New Testament. This course highlights the contributions of the book of Romans to the student's understanding of the universal human condition and the universal need for salvation. Students will be encouraged to apply principles from the book of Romans to their Christian lives, especially as they relate to their own salvation and ongoing spiritual growth.

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    Elements of Bible Study

    Elements of Bible Study is an introductory course, which will emphasize the inductive approach to the study of Scripture. You will learn how to use Bible study tools, and some of the basic interpretive principles and methods of Bible study. The course was designed to help you:
    • Understand and internalize the inductive approach to the study of Scripture.
    • Learn some of the basic principles of biblical interpretation.
    • Master some of the skills and methods of Bible study.
    • Gain skill in using some of the basic Bible study tools.